27 сентября 2005 в 14:32

XC Cube EY945 Silent barebone-system from AOpen

AOpen Inc. has presented first barebone-system on the basis of a 64-bit XC Cube platform. XC Cube EY945 supports Intel newest dual-cores CPU with the system trunk 1066 MHz.


The new system is constructed on the basis of Intel 945G Express chipset and ICH7. XC Cube EY945 offers up to 2 Gbytes of two-channel memory DDRII, working on 667/533 MHz frequency. This chipset provides excellent productivity of a system due to interfaces with a high bandwidth, exactly: two-channel memory DDRII, the system trunk 1066/800 MHz, graphic port PCI Express x16, ports PCI Express x1, controller Serial ATA2 with an extremely high bandwidth  of 3 Gb per second and USB 2.0 interface.

Other features of new barebone-system are: the graphic processor of new generation GMA950 with DirectX9 support, standard HDTV support, sound standards Intel High Definition Audio (Azalia) and Dolby Digital Surround.

In addition, the system supports Intel Active Management technology - new standards of a network.

The motherboard on 945G Express chipset supports a wide range of Intel processors, including Pentium D and Pentium 4 with Hyper-Threading technology and also other processors Pentium and Celeron, developed for LGA775 socket that opens many opportunities for future upgrade of system.

The motherboard for XC Cube EY945 belongs to a series of motherboards which have been produced during this year for dual-cores Intel processors. On the market today these processors are the fastest Intel processors.

As Intel 945G Express chipset contains graphic processor GMA950 inside there is no need to use an external videocard. However, as for 945G Express chipset supporting the newest high speed PCI Express, allows gamers fastidious to 3D graphic effects to add an external graphic card for the ultimate graphics performance and to enjoy high system efficiency.

The outstanding quality of this advanced product on the basis of controller ICH7 provides new standards of high-speed data transmission efficiency. ICH7 supports SerialATA-II and IDE specifications, sound standard Intel High Definition Audio (Azalia) which supports a eight -channel stereo sound and has an integrated LAN controller and the module for videostream handling.

For user convenience, all controllers are placed compactly on the back system panel, which comes with outputs: audio controllers for the eight-channel audio systems, two outputs PS/2, two CATFISH of the port, four ports USB 2.0, port 1394 Firewire, port Realtek Gigabit LAN and LPT-port for printer.

One of the numerous innovative ideas applied in XC Cube EY945 - a unique technology of heat dispersion allocated by CPU. By its development the company used of rich experience of laboratory researches in sphere of high technologies. Numerous of tests were held in wind tunnel specially developed for this. This effective CPU cooler has been selected for XC Cube EY945. Moreover, all cooling elements pass strong testing on whereby to all international industrial standards of safety and quality, such as UL, TUV and many other things. 


 This new XC Cube EY945 is build with unique CPU cooler, developed on the basis of many awards received for this system redirection of thermal stream at which dispersion of heat proceeding from CPU, occurs more efficiency: we can say that, the structure of EY945 cooler reminds the jet engine. Effective cooling of a system also is reached due to innovative housing design. Thermal stream can be blown out through thin cuts on each side of the case.

Unlike usual coolers of the CPU, the cooler from AOpen is created with use of special copper slices. AOpen patented the copper thermal tubes filled with liquid coolant, are designed so that, passing through these copper slices to allocate more efficiency heat from them.

Other key feature of a cooler is that copper slices have no connection with the basis of a cooler. Such technology provides an outstanding results as the molecular structure of slices at such organization is better, than welded one to other. Moreover, as the density of copper higher than density of aluminium, at equal volume with an aluminium CPU cooler, a cooler from AOpen eliminates with this problem much better.

Designed for simple installation and approaches to any CPU, which can be easy established in EY945. All cooler edges are rounded off and carefully polished in order to avoid any casually wounds from them.

AOpen XC Cube EY945 with such CPU cooler, besides the noiselessness, high expandability and versatile functions, corresponds to the most strict requirements on protection of the environment, applied in EU, Japan and in the USA

AOpen XC Cube EY945 comes with a 275W power supply. The system weighs 3.8 kg.